Athletic Republic Baseball Explosive Power TrainingBaseball and Fastpitch Softball are games of inches that require split-second reactions, instinctual skills and lightning fast agility. Athletic Republic has been building these attributes in baseball players for almost 20 years.  Our roster of MLB players ranges from retired greats like Cal Ripken, Jr., Darin Erstad and Mark Langston to current sluggers like Jim Thome, Travis Hafner, Troy Glaus and Tony Clark.  Athletic Republic provides the optimal mix of proprietary sport specific training protocols and patented equipment to not only make you a better athlete, but a better baseball player as well.

Average Performance Improvements through Athletic Republic Baseball and Softball Training:

• 0.20 Second decrease in 40-yard dash time
• 20% Greater Leg Strength
• 2-4” Increase in Vertical Jump / Explosive Power
• 50% Improvement in Rate of Recovery
• 33% Quicker Feet


Athletic Republic  Softball Explosive Power Training
Athletic Republic Softball Leg Strength Training

“I believe that this program can really take your talents to the next level.  It’s amazing what it does for you. It has definitely made me a better athlete.”
Darin Erstad, MLB

“It’s not enough anymore to say that you work hard, because everyone works hard.  You need to work smart. The work I did with Athletic Republic during the off-season is a combination of those two. It’s a great example of how today’s athletes should train.”
Jim Thome, MLB

“What I really liked about the Athletic Republic training programs is that they test you both before and after each level so you know where you stand. The people are also very good about tailoring the program to meet your needs. Their [Super] Treadmill program got me into the best shape possible. It was a great challenge every time because they push you to the limit. If you’re in good shape, you are not going to get tired during practices and games, which means you can take more ground balls and hits and really step your game up to the next level.”
Travis Hafner, MLB

“As an athlete in general, regardless of your sport, if you’re looking to get faster, quicker, stronger or more powerful, you can’t find a better program! The results are there and they’re almost guaranteed. It’s a proven fact that if you do the program; you will get better if you work hard at (it), do it the right way and stay on a strict regimen with it.”
Rick Helling, MLB

“The Athletic Republic ThrowingCord™ has been a great asset to our program (Irvine). All of our players have benefited from this cord. You can see additional arm strength as well as prevention of injury.”
John Savage, Current Head Baseball Coach for University of California, Los Angeles and Former Head Baseball Coach, University of California, Irvine

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